How supermarkets can speed up checkout
September 03th,2020 by Beelta
Supermarkets and convenience stores are places where people buy the necessities of life. Even during the epidemic, people need to patronize. Use the following five techniques to speed up the checkout process and reduce stay time and infection risk.
1. Use easy-to-operate POS system
Remember, the easier the POS system is to operate, the faster the employee will complete the transaction. Using a simple checkout system is the key to speeding up service. MPOS, an iPad-based POS system, is very suitable for the retail industry that needs fast checkout. It has many easy-to-use functions, simple operation and very friendly staff.
2. Accept all payment methods
Paying with cash is much slower than paying with a credit card or NFC—employees wait for customers to find their wallets, and customers wait for employees to get their change. Moreover, during the special period of the epidemic, such contact may increase the risk of infection. Accept all payment methods, especially mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. NFC contactless payment methods can not only speed up the checkout, but also greatly reduce contact The risk of infection brought about improves customer satisfaction.
3. Increase checkout points during peak periods
You can use the customer data in the back-end to analyze the customer flow at different times of the store. During the peak period when there are more people at checkout, you can increase the checkout points to increase the checkout speed.
4. Consider self-checkout
Many people are unwilling to talk to shop assistants. Self-checkout machines can meet this need. Just scan the barcode of the product and submit the payment. Customers can easily checkout within a few minutes. During this special period, attention should be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of self-checkout kiosks.
5. Ensure product pricing is clear
Questions about the cost of the product are one of the things that customers may take time to check out. For example, "Why is the price of the product different from the price at checkout?" The product price is clearly marked on the product shelf, which can effectively reduce customers' doubts about product costs and speed up the checkout.
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