The help that the MPOS system brings to merchants
July 22th,2020 by Beelta

MPOS is also called mobile POS, tablet-based POS. A complete MPOS system includes a tablet computer, a cash drawer,an iPad stand and a receipt printer.
The U.S. epidemic continues, merchants are facing tremendous operating pressures to reduce costs and prevent and control infection risks. The use of MPOS to help merchants is obvious:
1. Cost reduction
Traditional POS systems usually have high upfront costs, and they also have to pay expensive updates and upgrades every year. In this special period, it is undoubtedly worse for small businesses.
The cost of using MPOS will be much lower. As long as you pay a small monthly maintenance fee, you can use it in any place with WiFi connection.

2. Quick checkout
Under the epidemic situation, the shorter the stay outside, the lower the risk of infection. The mobility of MPOS devices can be used to checkout in different locations. It is also convenient to add checkout points during peak hours, effectively reducing the waiting time of customers and greatly reducing the risk of infection. Moreover, the mobility of MPOS is completely suitable for mobile vendors and small businesses that provide door-to-door services.

3. Help customers make quick decisions
With the tablet computer used in MPOS, employees can quickly access inventory, search for product reviews, and view product details. During the sales process, employees can have more meaningful conversations with their customers and help customers quickly find the products they want. During the special period of the epidemic, it is extremely important to help customers make quick decisions and reduce their stay outside.

4. Provide a variety of payment methods, including contactless
Reduce contact to reduce the risk of infection. MPOS is convenient to accept NFC contactless payment methods in mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay anywhere, greatly reducing the infection caused by contact risk.
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