Why does the retail industry use tablets
May 25th,2020 by Beelta
In the new era, the retail industry is facing new challenges. Everyone is actively exploring new ways to interact with consumers to ensure that consumers can have a good experience. And mobile devices, such as iPads and tablets, are becoming popular retail tools.
We have summarized 5 scenarios for using iPad and tablet for retail.
1. A tablet is a point of sale
A tablet is an intelligent point of sale. You can choose the applications and systems you need to manage your inventory, track sales, and payments. You can also use cash drawers, card readers, printers, and other hardware to accept cash and credit cards. , Print receipts and other functions.
2. "Wait a minute, I'll check it for you."
Human memory is limited. What to do when you have no answer in your mind? "Wait a minute, I'll check it for you."
If this question is about the inventory of products in the store, using a tablet computer, you can quickly check whether it is available, whether it will arrive soon, and whether you need to adjust the goods. What to do when the guest's questions are somewhat professional and imaginary? Use the tablet to log in to the Internet and search for some answers, which will solve the problem for most customers.
3. "Wait a minute, I'll be right there"
Equipped with a tablet computer where customers stop, such as lipstick product area, customers can not only query lipstick color, inventory and other information on their own, but also use tablet computers to ask for help from shop assistants. The clerk was able to respond to "wait a minute, I'll be right there" in seconds.
While ensuring the customer experience, the staff's time is reasonably allocated. Help people who really need it when you need it, and care about merchandise and shelves the rest of the time.
4. "Let me show you it all"
Salespeople who want to expand their customers, take the tablet to take the initiative to meet with customers, "Let me show you it again", and show customers photos, videos and presentation solutions, which can help you sell better.
McKinsey Research points out that Sephora is one of the retailers embracing this new approach, using iPads to showcase "deep product content," such as whether lotions are suitable for specific skin types.
5. "Are you satisfied? Any suggestions can be written down"
Surveys have been an important tool for determining how retailers can improve the customer experience. "Are you satisfied? Can you write down suggestions?" Remind customers to use a tablet to evaluate their shopping experience before leaving. This helps decision makers better customize their products, motivates store staff to work better, and builds customer loyalty.
Moreover, convenience stores 7-11 and clothing giant H & M have already conducted customer experience surveys using tablet computers.
What to do if you are stolen?
Although most people will not do this, if you have this concern, you can use a lock with a heavy anti-theft bracket (as shown below), which is enough for users to eliminate the theft.
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