How Panera Bread use high technology to grow?
March 18th,2020 by Beelta

Established in 1987, Panera Bread currently has more than 2,000 stores in the United States and Canada, with annual sales of $ 5 billion, making it the largest bread chain in the United States. And, before being acquired by JAB Capital in 2017, Panera Bread defeated brands such as Starbucks, Nike and Nordstrom to become one of the best performing stocks in the restaurant industry and the broader consumer product category.
Why is Panera Bread popular? This is due to the brand upgrade plan officially announced by Panera Bread in April 2014. Its core goal is to enhance the consumer experience through operational optimization and technology. The most direct changes consumers can feel are: self-service check outg and skip-the-line experience.
The 2.0 era of Panera Bread is simply the digital age. "Our mission is to never leave customers waiting," Ron Shaich, founder and CEO of Panera, said in a telephone interview.
So Panera Bread's first step into the 2.0 era, and the most core step, is to add the kiosk for self ordering.
At the beginning of the plan, an average of at least 7 kiosks have been installed in each store, they combined the iPad with iPad stand to build the self ordering area. Consumers choose the dishes directly on these devices, complete the payment and take the sensor. The sensor's tracking system allows the waiter to deliver the dishes to the right table.
For restaurants with slow sales growth, launching new dishes for non-mealtimes (such as afternoon tea) may mean sales growth. But launching new dishes complicates the menu, and Panera Bread solved this problem.

Looking at their large noodle menu wall, you can find that Panera has a lot of menu categories: sandwiches, scones, bowls, children's meals, salads, pasta, soups, drinks, baked goods, side dishes and sauces and many more. At old time, with the help of service staff, the average order time was 8 minutes. If you are not a regular customer, already took you 8 mins to read the menu . Now, ordering time is reduced to only 1 minute!
Convenient Rapid Pickup Service
The second step is the online order and the APP. The core is the Rapid Pickup service. Whether you use a iPad or a mobile phone, you can choose rapid pickup.
It’s really convenient for some customers who do not want to eat in, place an order in advance, then come to the store to pick up the meal. They check the preparation status of the order on wall displays. Some restaurants even have seats for these customers, so do not worry about arriving early or there are too many people. Just sit and wait.
    The Panera 2.0 plan cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but the result was so good that people forgot the cost, the annual profit increased by 6% in 2015 and 9% in 2016. Panera 2.0 has spread to 70% of self-operated stores at a high speed, and more than 25% of sales have come from self ordering (some mature stores can reach 35%).
I’m sure you’ve already had a wonderful idea for your restaurant now.
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