Digital signage refreshes business value for malls
December 25th,2019 by Beelta
In the era of high-speed networks, media have shifted from "information providers" to "integrated service providers." Traditional media terminals have become difficult to attract attention. With the help of communication technology, Digital signage with continuous improvement in performance has the advantages of newer and richer content, easier access to catch attention, and greater interaction in a limited space. It is smarter and closer to people, and is quietly changing the face of inherent business models in all walks of life.
Today, let's talk about how digital signage has changed the relationship between operators and consumers in the shopping mall that people like very much, and refreshed business value for mall.
A secret charm shopping guide
Gorgeous decoration and big brands, these are already standard in Shopping Mall. Whether you can add more fun in shopping and finding products, and provide a continuous stream of fresh and fun, is the important factor to attract consumers, especially young group.
The digital signage standing in the mall is like a beautiful and experienced shopping guide. She knows all the secrets of the mall. This season's theme event is in the open air atrium, there are mysterious gifts in one evening; a famous brand will celebrate anniversary at weekend, playing a small game with the device can receive a limited coupon; parents and children are painting Easter eggs... With so many promotions for Christmas, you will have no clue without the guide.
No matter how often you meet her, she won't forget the location of your favorite perfume store and the floors of the restaurant where you most often enjoy the food. No matter if you want to change the taste of catering or fashion, simply just tapping the screen. She can also guide you to the fastest way to get there, streamline your search and save the time.
Because of her, these attractive digital signs, you may start to think that Shopping Mall is not a building only about money and desire. She can tell you a story and it is worth coming back next time!
Cost-effective Ace Promoters
The soul of mall is in the theme of each season, in each festival and in these continuous activities. However, behind every interesting activities is the overwhelming preparations of materials, posters, banners, stickers etc. Started with the design, printing, production, transportation and installation, every step requires time, manpower and expense. If one of these links goes wrong or reworked, the result affects the entire event experience like dominoes, which is a nightmare. And after the event, most of these costly prints could not escape the fate of being discarded, which is wasteful and not environmentally friendly.
In contrast, digital signage is a fantastic tool. He has the same speed as light, from design to display in one step, without waiting for printing and installation, without paying extra shipping and insurance, he can easily narrow down the budget. At the same time you can respond quickly to any change. Not only it’s easy to display different promotional content in different locations, there is no restriction on modification during the preparation of the event, and even after the event starts, it becomes easy to re-edit.
Fixed assets that can print money
How many customers can be satisfied by one advertising window? They have to divide time periods and layout areas. Even if mall can create enough places to display brands' ads, they will quarrel over prime locations, prime time, and golden sections.
Digital signage can be displayed in seconds. Dozens of formats such as pictures, subtitles, video, audio, animation, etc., fully meet the display needs of different customers. Multiple ways such as split screen and carousel can accept multiple customers at the same time. The advertising revenue, which was billed by month or day, has been calculated in seconds.
Indeed digital signage is just embellishment in all-encompassing malls, but who doesn't like fresh and funny stuff? These little devices have created a smart and humane communication link between the mall and consumers, improving the consumer experience and increasing the business value of the mall!
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