How does the retail giant serve 60,000 customers a day?
August 06th,2019 by Beelta


A new store opened in Shanghai by German retail giant ALDI on June, 2019. Over 60,000 people poured into the ALDI supermarket on the opening day.Most of products were sold out fastly like a storm.
At the moment when online shopping is booming, how does ALDI's offline supermarket provoke people's shopping desires? In the face of the big passenger flow beyond imagination, how does it maintain the operation of the supermarket and the customer experience? There are 3 keys worth learning.
Digital advertising screen
There are more than 10 screens that keep scrolling and advertising In this 800㎡area. The wall mount advertising screens not only save floor space, but allow consumers to receive information and encourage them to purchase unconsciously.
In the food area, the advertising screens scroll through the pictures of delicious food, so that the customers who are queuing can think about what they want to eat in advance, it really saves the time and let the staff work more efficiency.
Products info searching kiosk
Regarding to the alcoholic products, consumers are very concerned about the origin of the wine, the raw materials, the brewing process, the ingredients and the year of produce. Most of consumers would like to make personalized choice based on their tastes or for some special occasions. The older people even have a critical pursuit or persistent preference for certain vintages and raw materials.
Simple product labels can no longer meet their needs of refined selection, and ALDI has sensitively captured these problems and added product inquiries kiosk in the wine area. It’s the lowest cost way to let customers search for products information by themselves. They will feel safe and understand more about the product, and have stronger desire to buy.
This approach is also applicable to other high-end and small business, they would choose tablet stand kiosk or wall mount kiosk to provide the same self-service but save the cost at the same time.
Self-service checkout
How to quickly checkout in the busy hours and cut the waiting line has always been the primary consideration for retailers. ALDI uses the self-checkout machines. Consumers can easily paid after scanning the barcode on the products and just leave, which is convenient and quick. Not just reducing the waiting times but self-checkout also bring loyal customers by giving the wonderful experience.
The big passenger flow and the good experience seem to be the innate contradiction. However the technology allows this two to stay harmony and really bring a good result.
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