6 Benefits of Using an iPad POS System
September 14th,2018 by Beelta
More and more small business owners choose iPad POS system for their small business such as restaurant, cafe,bar and boutique .It’s been found there are 6 benefits to let them make this choice.


1. Cost Saving

Compared to traditional POS system can cost up to $20,000, a whole iPad POS system, including an iPad, cash drawer, iPad stand and receipt printer costs only about $1000.

2. Powerful Customer Service Tools

iPad POS system,it’s portable makes payment become more easy and quick.You can take the iPad right to your customers’ tables.
And iPad and mobile phones can do something that other POS systems can't.They can serve as catalogue and inventories of your merchandise right  in front of your customers,no need to ask them to walk to your POS desk.

3. Simplify the Sales Process

This streamlining of the sales process is very important.By shorten the shopping time to lower down the possibility of purchase abandon.

4. Ease of Employee Training

The employee training required was minor as the iPad is "such an easy tool to pick up and use... which makes using the iPad an easy sell to associates.

5. It's Environmentally Friendly

Since receipts can be emailed to customers or uploaded to password-protected websites. More and more customers are opting for electronic receipts, reports the New York Times, seeing them both as more convenient and less wasteful of resources.

6.iPad POS and Your Bottom Line

Whether your small business has a hip clientele or not, using an iPad POS can provide real bottom line benefits in terms of cost savings over traditional POS systems and possibly increased sales through enhancing the customer service experience.
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