During the COVID-19 outbreak, the pharmacy insisted to open and provide people with medicine and counseling. Due to the implementation of stringent physical distancing, less employees going out to work, while more people going to the pharmacy. The number is 20% -30% higher than before the pandemic. They hope to get what they need quickly, at the same time not be infected. Self-service inquiry and checkout kiosk can not only solve sales problems for pharmacies, also take care of the safety of employees and customers.
The reception capacity of hospital was greatly challenged during this special period. Doctors and nurses are at increased risk of infection.The countertop kiosk allows people to fill in symptoms and make appointments, which improves the efficiency of consultation and reduces the contact between hospital staffs and potential cases.
Wall mount monitor can also display virus-related information and video, allowing people to receive more prevention measures and understand the current situation more.
The protection and control capabilities of private clinics are inferior to those of large hospitals, so the working hours will be reduced and the daily consultations will become limited. After the patient who has made an appointment in advance arrives at the clinic, there may not be enough staff to arrange these appointments. The wall-mounted tablet outside each room will show the doctor's name and the progress of his current consultation, which make everything more orderly and effectively.
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